Did you know that Cloverleaf offers many options besides pizza?

Cloverleaf might be best known for delicious Detroit-style pizza, but that’s not the only thing that you can find at Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant. When you’re looking for restaurants nearby, but you or your party might not all be in the mood for pizza, you can rest assured that Cloverleaf has other options on the menu.

You can drop by for lunch, come for dinner, or just settle in for a few drinks and some snacks! We’re open seven days a week, so come to have a good time and explore our extensive menu.

A Choice of Dining Areas

Before you decide what you want to eat, you can choose where you want to sit. At Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant in Eastpointe, we have four different dining areas with a full-service bar. With big-screen TVs and high-top tables, we’re an ideal spot for watching the game, having a casual lunch, and enjoying some drinks.

For those who would prefer a traditional sit-down meal, we also have two dining areas, plus an enclosed and temperature-controlled patio. The patio offers a great outdoor view. It’s excellent for hosting private parties!.



Tantalizing Appetizers

Kick off your meal or enjoy some bar snacks with our range of appetizers. We’ve got everything from our coated and fried pub pickles and potato skins to fried ravioli and chicken wings. There’s a choice of prices, with something to suit every budget and every appetite.

If you’re particularly hungry or looking for something to share, why not try our Combo Platter, featuring potato skins, mozzarella wedges, and battered mushrooms? Or tuck into some Nachos Grande, served with salsa and sour cream.

There are shrimp and calamari for seafood lovers, or battered mushrooms and cauliflower bites for vegetarians. Meat lovers can enjoy chicken wings or fingers, or our pork wings!


Healthier Salad and Soup Options

Are you on a health kick, looking for a delicious side dish, or just craving a salad? Our salad options have something for everyone and a great range of dressings to go with them.

Choose our classic antipasto salad as a side or appetizer, with refreshing iceberg and romaine lettuce, plus cucumber, tomato, black and green olives, garbanzo beans, ham, salami, pepperoncini’s, and provolone cheese, all tossed with Italian dressing. If antipasto is not your thing, try the Greek salad! It’s made with lettuce, beets, feta, red onions, black olives, and pepperoncini’s with a Greek dressing. Both of these salads are available in small portions, with one to three servings, or large portions.

We also have a Crunchy-Chicken Salad and a Caesar salad (which you can add chicken to), plus a dinner salad and coleslaw. Select from our range of tasty dressings, including Italian, Greek, Ranch, and Catalina. We even have fat-free Italian and Ranch dressing options for anyone trying to eat healthily. For a little extra, you can try our homemade sweet and sour or blue cheese dressings!


Build Your Own Burger

Diners can create their own burger from our menu – with the option to add whichever toppings you want, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Start with our ⅓ lb burger with lettuce and tomato, which is served with French fries. Then it’s just an extra 75¢ for each topping that you want to add to your burger.

Choose from:

  • Freshly sliced or sautéed onions
  • American cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Ghost Pepper Jack
  • Mushrooms
  • Jalapeños
  • Provolone
  • Asiago
  • Guacamole
  • Cheddar Jack
  • Bacon (for $1.50 extra)

There’s also BBQ, Ranch, and Jack Daniel’s sauces/dressings. We cook all of our burgers to order, so every customer gets exactly what they want delivered to their table. All burgers are served with French fries.


Sandwiches and Paninis

For an alternative to a burger, we have a selection of sandwiches and paninis, with both classic and creative options. All of our sandwiches are served with French fries, including options such as a classic Reuben, our open-faced chicken pita, sausage sub, Philly steak and cheese, turkey club, and deli corned beef. Our own Gus’ Special is a great choice too, with hot corned beef and melted mozzarella cheese served on an onion roll.

Our paninis are served on homemade bread – choose from garlic topped with parmesan, jalapeño chopped with cheddar cheese, or bacon and garlic bread – and come with a side of mac and cheese. Our panini options are breaded chicken breast, eggplant parmesan, Cuban, and Philly steak and cheese.

Pizza and Salad


Looking for a hearty family meal? Our buffets are perfect for a lunch or dinner that has something for everyone. With pizza, pasta, salad, crunchy crust, and more available from our buffets, you’ll get a great value meal that won’t leave anyone hungry. We have a quick lunch buffet from Monday to Saturday, an evening buffet on Monday, and a buffet from 12 pm to 7 pm on Sundays. Adult prices start at $7.75, and kids eat from $4.99.



As a purveyor of one classic Italian dish, we have to offer another Italian staple too. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, pasta might tempt your taste buds instead.

Just like with our pizzas and burgers, you can create your own pasta dish. Put together your perfect plate with our range of options, including different kinds of pasta, sauces, veggies, meats, and baked cheeses. You can choose from six different types of pasta and six sauces, then add two vegetables and an optional meat and cheese. There are 20 ingredients to choose from to add to your pasta and sauce.

If you’re not feeling like making a lot of decisions, you can pick one of our Italian classics instead. You have the option to add chicken, Italian sausage, or meatballs to any of these dishes for an extra $3. With eggplant parmesan, lasagna, baked macaroni, and more on the menu, everyone can find a pasta dish that they love.

We also have three choices of stuffed pasta shells, layered with meat sauce and topped with mozzarella! Choose from mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan, spinach, and ricotta, or Italian sausage with mozzarella, ricotta, and parmesan.

Steak and Ribs

For the meat lovers out there, our choice of steak or ribs will give you something to sink your teeth into. We have barbecued ribs served with your choice of potato, Sicilian steak (breaded N.Y. strip with a side of pasta and tomato garlic marinara sauce), and N.Y. strip steak served with any potato you like. Each of these dishes includes our Italian bread basket and either the soup of the day or a dinner salad.


Seafood dishes are available too, whether you’re a pescatarian or you just feel like having a fish dish for your lunch or dinner. Like our meat options, you can also choose between the soup of the day or dinner salad with your meal, plus there’s the additional option of coleslaw. Each seafood dish is also served with your choice of potato. We’ve got British-style beer-battered cod fillets, broiled cod dusted with cracker crumbs, batter-fried shrimp, and delicious, lightly-floured Lake Perch, sautéed in olive oil.



People who can’t wait until they get to the sweet portion of the meal won’t be disappointed at Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant! Our specialties include a sumptuous homemade whipped cheesecake (with the option of adding strawberry or cherry topping for free) and homemade whipped Orea cheesecake.

We have featured desserts every day too – just ask your server and find out what’s available when you’re ready for dessert!

Bloody Mary

Range of Beverages

We have a great selection of beverages too, whether you want something cold or you need something to warm you up on a cool day. We have a range of soft drinks, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, iced tea, apple, and orange juice. Coffee and tea are available for those who want hot drinks too. Choose from our delicious Jones Soda options, including Fufu Berry, Strawberry Lime, Green Apple Soda, Root Beer, and more. You can get complimentary refills on tea, coffee, and fountain drinks to keep your thirst quenched throughout your meal.

For anyone looking for alcoholic drinks, our full-service bars will keep the drinks flowing. Ask your server about our seasonal selection of craft beers, which offer the perfect pairing to go with your meal.


Of course, we can’t forget about the pizza on the Cloverleaf menu. It might not be the only thing available, but it’s still the star of the show. We’re the originators of Detroit’s square pizza, baked with a crisp crust and topped with a layer of select cheeses.

Our premium meat and vegetable toppings are hand-sliced, and our sauce is spiced to perfection. All of our pizzas are stone-baked and made to order – giving you just enough time to have an appetizer or a drink while you wait. We offer small (four pieces) and large (eight pieces) options, and you can choose from our 20 traditional toppings, plus even more premium and super premium toppings.

Gluten-free? No problem! If you have an allergy or intolerance, or you just choose not to eat gluten, our gluten-free pizza is for you. We do our best to prevent cross-contamination and ensure our gluten-free pizzas are safe. We do this by using separate utensils and pans and a separate prep area for gluten-free pizzas.

And, of course, all of our gluten-free pizzas are made with premium ingredients and deliver just as much flavor as our pizzas made from wheat flour. Anyone who can’t have gluten shouldn’t have to miss out on pizza, and now they can join in the fun with delicious gluten-free pizza from Cloverleaf.

Our specialty gourmet pizzas, offering small, large, and gluten-free options, are made with premium toppings. The options include bruschetta, BLT, our Supreme pizza (premium cheeses, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions), BBQ chicken, and Hawaiian. You can create your own specialist pizza too, with a choice of four or more toppings, and get money off small and large pizzas at menu price.


Catering from Cloverleaf Pizza

Cloverleaf also offers catering options for events! We can provide our dessert tray, party trays, salad, wings, subs, breads, and combos to give you a complete spread for any event. Our party trays can feed up to 60 people so that no one has to go hungry, whether you’re having a meeting, celebrating a graduation, or throwing a birthday party. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Come for the Food, Stay for the Family

Our extensive menu is just one of the reasons to visit Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant. While the food is delicious, we also strive to provide a complete experience to all of our customers. We have created a family atmosphere that helps everyone to feel at home, from the photos and memorabilia from Cloverleaf history and the Guerra family, the founders of the brand, to the fireplace and checkered tablecloths, our restaurant and bar is a welcoming, cozy and comfortable place where you’ll love to be.

At our heart, we are a family business, and all of our customers become part of our family too. Our friendly staff is ready to welcome everyone as they come through the doors and take care of them throughout their visit.

We invite you to treat Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant as your home away from home. We have been serving the local community for more than 65 years, bringing pizza and other Italian and American favorites to our patrons. The restaurant and bar is suitable for all kinds of gatherings, from family meals to nights out with friends.

If you think that Cloverleaf is all about pizza, think again. There are many other reasons to choose our restaurant and bar in Eastpointe when you’re looking for somewhere to eat, drink, and spend time with your favorite people. You can guarantee a good time whenever you visit us, no matter how long you stay. Find us at 24443 Gratiot Avenue in Eastpointe – we’re open seven days per week, from 11 am and from noon on Sundays.