The Best Late Night and Weekend Restaurant Option in Eastpointe

You’ve had a long day, you’re hungry, and all you want to do is tuck into a feast, so where do you go? If you’re in Eastpointe and you’re about to get your phone out, open your browser and type in the phrase restaurant near me open, why not treat yourself to a trip to Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant?


The best place for a late night or weekend meal

There’s something special about organizing an evening meal or dinner on the weekend, especially if you’re celebrating, or you’ve had a long day or a stressful week at work. The trouble is that if you find yourself needing somewhere to go at short notice, a quick search for restaurants near me that are open may leave you with a few options. This can be confusing.

The key to making the right decision lies in choosing the best option. Whether you’re leaving the office late, you’re planning a Friday night date, or you’re catching up with friends or family over the weekend, Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant is the place to be!

Established over 60 years ago, Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant is famed for its unique Detroit-style square pizza, and it has an excellent reputation both locally and further out. This indulgent pizza is not your average Friday night affair. Cloverleaf is guaranteed to leave you feeling fulfilled. The atmosphere is perfect for a laid-back gathering with friends or a romantic date, and there’s a dazzling array of dishes to choose from.

If you’re one of the millions of pizza-loving Americans, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you fancy being a little more adventurous and trying new things, you can add a bit of extra spice to the menu by ordering plates to share and a mixture of appetizers.

Every second in the US, 350 slices of pizza are consumed, but not all pizzas are made equal. Type in restaurants near me open and see for yourself why Eastpointe residents rave about Cloverleaf’s infamous offerings.

When can I visit?

Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant is open late every evening, with tables available until 10 pm most evenings and hours extended until midnight on Friday and Saturday to make the most of the weekend. On Sundays, book a table and head down between noon and 9 pm, put your feet up, relax and let somebody else do the cooking!


If you’re planning a date, you’re keen to catch up with friends, or you’re looking for a great meal at short notice after working a long day, Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant is the place to go! Open late during the week and offering extended hours at the weekends, you can sample the famous pizza, grab a drink, or broaden your horizons by trying an array of different dishes.