What should I eat for dinner tonight?

What to have for dinner tonight

After a busy day, there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into a delicious meal. But, how do you figure out what to have for dinner when you’re short on time or ideas? Many of us reach a point in the afternoon when our minds start wandering, and we think about what we’re going to eat later. From homemade dishes and convenient takeout to treating yourself to a meal at a restaurant you love, there’s a range of options.

If you find yourself typing the words food ‘places near me that are open’ into a search engine, and you’re lucky enough to be in Eastpointe, you can’t go wrong with a fresh pizza. Statistics suggest that America is a nation of pizza lovers, with around 1 in 8 American adults eating at least one slice on an average day. If you like the sound of crispy crusts, tantalizing toppings, and a range of options to cater to all, including gluten-free pizzas, why not pay Cloverleaf Pizza Restaurant a visit?

Finding the best pizza

Most of us will have experienced that blissful moment of laying eyes and absorbing the unmistakable odor of freshly baked pizza after dreaming about a tasty meal at our desks a few hours before. If you’re set on pizza, and you don’t want to settle for a second-rate product that will disappoint, finding the best pizza is a must.

Whether you’re close to home, or you’re visiting Eastpointe for work or seeing friends or relatives, a quick search including the words ‘pizzas near me open’ will point you in the direction of Cloverleaf Pizza. With rave reviews from locals and hungry visitors alike, Cloverleaf has established an excellent reputation based on its ground-breaking Detroit-style pizza.

What to choose

You’ve narrowed down the options and now you face another dilemma: which pizza to go for? Do you fancy something classic, are you feeling adventurous, or have you got a firm favorite that you never stray from?

Before you decide and place that all-important order, analyze the menu, look at your options and think about what you’re really craving. If nothing is crossing all of the boxes, you can always sprinkle your magic and exercise your culinary creativity and build your own.

For those who fancy mixing things up, there’s also a selection of other main dishes available, including burgers, salads and a veritable treasure trove of appetizers!


It’s an age-old question that most of us ask every day. If you’re wondering what to have for dinner tonight, and you’re looking for a restaurant in Eastpointe, why not tuck into a pizza and see why everyone is talking about Cloverleaf’s famous pizzas?