Who Makes the Best Gluten Free Pizza Near Me?

A brief introduction to gluten-free diets

Did you know that Celiac disease affects at least 3 million people in the US alone? This figure is significant, but the actual number of individuals who may be affected by the condition is likely to be a lot higher because diagnosis can take a long time and symptoms can develop later in life.

If you have celiac disease, an auto-immune disorder, this means that you cannot tolerate gluten. Gluten is a protein, which is found in a huge number of foods that contain wheat, barley and rye. Common examples include bread, cereals, beer, pizza and pasta.

If you are gluten-intolerant, your body will react if you eat foods that contain gluten, and symptoms can be debilitating. As celiac disease can cause severe symptoms, it’s crucial for people who are intolerant to gluten to avoid exposure to any traces of gluten. Examples of symptoms include stomach cramps, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits and bloating.

When you go to a restaurant, you’ll sometimes see (gf) on a menu. This usually indicates that the dish is gluten-free. Statistics suggest that the number of Americans following a gluten-free diet has tripled since 2009.

The importance of finding the best gluten-free restaurants

If you have an auto-immune condition, which means that you can’t tolerate gluten, it’s critical to find restaurants and eateries that cater to your dietary requirements. It’s important to note that any kind of exposure to gluten can cause an adverse reaction.

This means that chefs and those who prepare gluten-free dishes should be mindful not only of the ingredients they use, but also the instruments and utensils they use to prepare and cook food and how they serve each meal. Cross-contamination is a risk, and gluten-free dishes should be prepared and served away from foods that contain gluten using equipment that has not been utilized for other meals. Measures like changing gloves frequently and using a separate preparation area and oven can help to protect diners and give them peace of mind.

It’s also useful for restaurants to provide training and education for staff so that they are aware of the risks associated with contamination and they can provide diners with information if they have questions or concerns. People who have celiac disease and those who want to follow a gluten-free diet for other health reasons shouldn’t have to make sacrifices! Thankfully, there are more and more cafes and restaurants that cater to gluten-free diners and you can use search engines and read reviews to find the best places.

Where can I find incredible gluten-free pizza?

If you can’t tolerate gluten, you may have been worried about having to give up lots of the foods you love. While it might not yet be possible to replace a crusty baguette or a slice of decadent, gooey chocolate cake, it is possible to enjoy pizza.

Pizzas are traditionally made using dough that contains gluten, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still indulge in beautifully-crafted, traditional, tasty pizzas. There is an assumption that gluten-free pizza is tasteless and heavy, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re in Eastpointe, and you type in pizza near me or gluten-free pizza near me, you’ll come across Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant. Cloverleaf is famed for its ground-breaking Detroit-style square pizza, which was created over 60 years ago.

The great news is that if you’re gluten-free, you don’t have to take everyone else’s word for it! You too can try this award-winning pizza while enjoying peace of mind that you won’t have to pay the price afterwards!

This pizza is delicious, it’s 100% gluten-free and the team has extensive experience in catering for clients who follow a gluten-free diet. If you’re on the lookout for crisp, fluffy, fresh, flavorful pizza, this is the place to go.

How can I make sure it’s safe to order gluten-free pizza?

If you’ve got your phone ready, and you’re about to type ‘order pizza near me’ into Google or another search engine, you might be anticipating the results with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. If you react to gluten, you might feel anxious about placing an order online or visiting a restaurant you’ve not been to before because you’re worried that it might not be safe.

The best thing to do if you’re looking for the best gluten-free pizza places is to read reviews and customer comments, check the menu carefully and then ask questions when you call or visit the restaurant to make a booking. The staff should be able to give you information about the ingredients that are used and the preparation techniques that are employed to prevent contamination.

It’s also an excellent idea to ask friends, colleagues or neighbors who have the same dietary requirements for recommendations and to use the Internet to connect with other diners who can share their experiences and offer tips for finding the best places to eat in different cities.

Treat yourself to delicious gluten-free pizza today!

Did you know that every minute, 21,000 slices of pizza are consumed in the US? If you love pizza, and you don’t want to give it up because you can’t eat foods that contain gluten, there are some fantastic restaurants that offer gluten-free options.

Search online, read testimonials, ask others for recommendations and save money with pizza coupons. If you’re in Eastpointe, don’t hesitate to pay Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant a visit and sample their delicious, 100% wheat-free pizzas with the famous Cloverleaf crust.


There’s nothing like a good pizza. If you’re looking for gluten-free pizza that is packed with flavor and light and crispy, why not head down to Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant. Being gluten-intolerant doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite foods.